10/28/2018 Jesus Is Calling You

Ordinary Time (Proper 25)
Job 42:1–6, 10–17; Psalm 34:1–8, 19–22; Hebrews 7:23–28; Mark 10:46–52

Chapel for Peace, Springfield, Missouri

With less than two weeks to go before the mid-term elections here in the USA, a good deal of political spin is being generated around a relatively few issues, which, naturally, have little if anything to do with what ought to matter. One of those issues is a caravan of Central American migrants heading northward into Mexico from Guatamala, Honduras, and El Salvadore.

One side of the political spectrum wants us all to believe these folks aren’t actually trying to escape overwhelming poverty, violence, and political/military suppresion in their homelands. No, somehow they’re all, or mostly, a dangerous gang of violent lawbreakers (with a sprinkling of Middle Eastern terrorists, no less) intent on illegally entering the USA to wreak havoc and bring down established institutions, laws, norms, and middle-class values. There’s an added undercurrent that somehow all these folks are financed and supported by an international cabal of liberals (probably at the behest of the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi).

Or maybe, the former is true: These are desparate people facing incredibly hard times trying to survive any way they can.

Jesus often had people come to him, asking for healing or favors. Such is the case with this week’s lection from Mark. We would do well to study how he handled those situations. Here’s a link to a previous ForeWords column:


My most recent book, Speak to the Bones: How to Be a Prophetic People in a Time of Exile, is up on Amazon in both print and e-book formats:  161-page Book ; Kindle e-bookThe ancient Hebrew prophets can serve as guides for modern-day prophetic communities to engage in actions for peace and social justice. Each of the 10 chapters includes questions for reflection and discussion, making this great for class use. My previous book What Was Paul Thinking? is also available on Amazon in both print and Kindle e-book editions.


About Rich Brown

Rich Brown is a writer, blogger, editor, and publisher. His most recent book is "Speak to the Bones: How to Be a Prophetic People in a Time of Exile" (Isaac's Press).
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